The Ranch

General Overview

The Harding Land & Cattle Company Ranch is located 37 miles east of Miles City, Montana on Highway 12. The headquarters unit is located at mile-marker 37; when traveling from Miles City to Baker. The other ranch unit, known as the Talquezal unit, is located near mile-marker 35. Both ranch units are located on the left-hand side of the highway as one travels east towards Baker.

The Harding Land & Cattle Company Ranch is a very historic ranch. To learn more about the ranch’s rich history, please visit The History of the Ranch. Besides its history, the ranch is also very scenic. The terrain varies greatly from one end of the ranch to the other. Rough, timbered hills cover much of the ranch, with areas of badlands, gently rolling breaks and open grasslands making up the remaining landscape.

The ranch borders the Powder River on its western edge. The Powder River is not as pristine as western Montana rivers can be, but it has a certain rugged beauty that one has to admire. After all, any running water in eastern Montana is greatly desired during many times of the year. The Powder River is commonly referred to as the river that is “too muddy to drink and too runny to farm” This phrase points out the fact that the Powder River is seldom ever clear, and that the water usually appears to be thick and muddy.