Like most of eastern Montana, the Harding Ranch is no stranger to the undulating extremes that the environment can place on its inhabitants. The summers are typically hot (100°F and hotter) and the winters quite cold (-30°F and colder). Additionally, the weather conditions can change almost immediately, making it hard for plants and animals, which must adjust quickly. Snow depths vary from winter to winter, though it is not typically a heavy snowfall region. Most of the average annual precipitation of around 12″ comes in the months of May and June. This part of Montana also experiences severe thunderstorms fairly often during the summer months.

The rugged nature of the ranch often dictates activities that are carried out year-around at the Harding Ranch: from fixing fences and water-gaps (places where fences cross creeks), to gathering cattle in the fall and feeding them in the winter, the terrain and extreme nature of the climate direct every facet of the way Management plans and executes day-to-day activities.