The Farm

Shortly after acquiring the Bradshaw ranches in 1989, the Harding family purchased the old Reuben Schroeber Farm and Feedlot located 11 miles west of Terry, Montana. Shortly thereafter, The Harding’s were able to purchase an adjacent farm, which directly bordered the Schroeber place, and which also had direct river frontage on the Yellowstone River. More recently, Harding Land & Cattle Company has purchased three other farms, which have land that either borders the main farm and feedlot, or is located nearby. Two of these additional properties also contain Yellowstone River frontage.


Today, the total acreage of the entire Harding Land & Cattle Company farm and feedlot unit exceeds 1,000 acres. Over 800 acres are irrigated. The other acreage is made up of tree-covered river frontage or various pastures, which are spread throughout the unit. Irrigation water used by the Harding farm is supplied by the Buffalo Rapids Irrigation Project. This water comes from the Yellowstone River and is pumped into the main ditch over 7 miles southwest of the Harding farm. All of the crops are irrigated by flood irrigation, using gated pipe (10″ and 12″ sizes) for the most part. However, around 200 acres are still irrigated using dams and/or siphon tubes.